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Some Important Aspects of Courier Insurance

Life is unpredictable, making it necessary to cover your goods with courier van insurance for national and international transport of goods. The following risks, such as claims, losses, total, or partial damages, can only be covered with courier van insurance.

Courier van insurance

A driver at the courier service company transporting goods from one place to another may be responsible for negligence. If they acted carelessly, broke the rules, or rejected the laws in case of an unavoidable event, etc. There will always be individual cases to conquer. This kind of risk can be avoided or minimized by applying preventive measures such as by taking courier van insurance.

Why Courier van insurance

Courier van insurance must be taken as a personal and exclusive choice, adapted to your needs and the characteristics of your vehicle. All you need to do for a courier van insurance is to submit accurate data that is both personal and of the van. The data that an insurer takes into account is to calculate the final price you pay for your respective policy.

It is not about finding cheap or expensive courier van insurance

What is essential is getting courier van insurance at the right price. You can request insurance quotes from different companies. Some companies with specific policies for your type of vehicle can offer you better policies – cheaper in some cases – with specialized coverage for a courier van.

To assess the different insurances policies, provide the companies with accurate information they request. Below we list data needed to give a quote for courier van insurance.

Data required for courier van insurance

  • The specific model of the vehicle

  • Fuel type and year of manufacture

  • Average mileage per planned year

  • The most common type of journey: urban, national or international

  • Where is the van parked or stored? Private, common or street garage

  • Personal data of the driver or drivers. This can include data such as driving experience, sex, age, place of birth, profession, etc.

  • Preferred insurance or a specific type of policy to apply

Tips on courier van insurance

Here we list several tips on getting the right courier van insurance for your company.

· Choose the insurance you need for your business, and get the best coverage.

· Buy insurance only from the best insurance company for your needs. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each company's courier van insurance policy.

· Pay the right price by analyzing the top companies and the insurance policies that each offer for courier vans.

· Take advice from experts in the insurance world to guide you towards the insurance coverage you need.

Courier van insurance experts recommend adding the following coverage, as well as excess protection insurance coverage (in case you're at fault or it's a 50/50 claim).

  • Theft coverage

  • Broken windows

  • Travel Assistance

  • Driver insurance

  • Withdrawal of card and fines

  • Workshop expenses

Thanks to the specialized and customizable policies at Courier Insurance, it is easy to enjoy everything you need and pay a very reasonable price.

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