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Goods in Transit

With Courier Insurance, your goods in transit are arranged via a panel of leading insurance and service providers. When we become a bridge between you and your goods in transit courier insurance broker, we make sure they are gracious enough to study your case thoroughly and provide expert advice on commonly neglected risks as well. Having said, we pride ourselves in connecting you to dedicated teams of insurance brokers who’d be there to provide you round the clock service – so that you don’t even have to wait for minimal downtimes. While you expand your courier or retail business, we stand by your side, helping you with quickest claims processing – tailored around efficiently designed courier insurance policies. And so, we enjoy the highest renewal ration in the market and a level of appreciation that’s beyond words.

Why Choose Courier Insurance

Get in touch with us for

  1. European cover

  2. Contingency cover for your subcontractors

  3. All risks cover

  4. High risk and theft attractable goods cover

  5. Extremely market competitive rates

  6. Instant documentation

  7. Free consultancy about the right policy and the financial cost of covers and claims.

We can offer cover levels from £10,000 per vehicle, with both single-vehicle or multi-vehicle cover available. You'll also be able to add optional personal accident and illness cover or commercial legal expenses cover. Just leave us a message by filling our online enquiry form and compare your older quotes to what our insurance providers are offering currently!

Choose Best Courier Insurance Service for New Businesses

You’ve landed in the right place if you’re new to this courier service and would love to expand your delivery business. Of course, you have to take care of the turnaround time. For that, you certainly need a cover that’s by your side to protect you from any unexpected financial obligations against loss or damage of products. Not only for the goods in transit, but we can also connect you to hundreds of service providers who’d get you covers that you can claim in case of accidents or personal losses during the course of your employment!

Get In Touch With Us.
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