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Courier Guaranteed Vehicle Cover

It’s easier to get an insurance cover – but exceedingly tedious to get our hands on one that’s well-suited to our personal and business needs. There are times when courier vans stop responding on the roadside in case of emergencies and other vulnerable situations. A courier Guaranteed Vehicle Cover can rescue you and protect you from the hassle at the very moment.

But, what is Courier Guaranteed Vehicle Cover?

Let us explain. This courier guaranteed vehicle cover provides you with a like for like vehicle. That’s a replacement vehicle you can avail in the event of a roadside accident, including personal injury to the driver, criminal attack, loss or damage. The replacement option can be availed anytime up to 14 days – irrespective of the blame!

Why choose courier insurance?

We’ll give you all good reasons to choose us whenever you think of getting an insurance cover. That’s because:

  • We have policy brokers who design their insurance plans and tailor them around our satisfied customers.

  • Our database and broker directory can help you with any type of courier cover you wish to get.

  • As part of our contracts, we make sure we direct you to brokers who cooperate and guarantee instant documentation, least downtime, and 24*7 accessible customer service.

  • We have one of the highest renewal ratios in the UK.

  • Plus, we don’t charge a penny for consultancy and free advice!

Get in touch with us today and/or fill our short application form. We’ll get back to you ASAP with all the answers you could ever wish to ask from an insurance expert.

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