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Fleet Insurance

A business is categorised as a courier service if you transport goods and drop them off at multiple locations for profit-making. Fleet insurance can start covering all vehicles from 4 vehicles and up. And so, if you drive four or more vehicles, then a Motor Fleet Policy from Courier Insurance could be the best option for you – with competitive market rates, instant documentation and quick claims processing.

With a fleet policy, you do save good money and cut down on administrative costs. That’s simply because you'll have one common renewal date for all of your vehicles and no worries regarding the documentation. You end up dedicating more time to your business – the hassle-free way

Best Fleet Insurance in the UK

We dish out for you the best fleet insurance policy, one that will protect you from unexpected financial costs as it covers fleet for hire and reward. Commonly, policies cover vans, drivers and the goods that are with you for delivery and you keep them for a limited time until you drop them off.

With different service providers at Courier Insurance, you are better off if you have an attractive claims history. Enjoy extremely competitive rates with our insurance brokers that are gracious enough to examine each case individually, provide 24*7 service and follow-up in minimal time.

Courier fleet policies can be tailored as your desired requirements, including:

  1. accidental coverage

  2. loss of goods

  3. theft of valuable and expensive courier

  4. damaged goods because of accident or mishandling

  5. public liability

  6. van insurance

  7. personal or driver(s) accidents during the fleet employment

We connect our people to best courier insurance providers in the UK who will guide you about the complete process, provide free consultancy and expert advice about the most suitable policy for you. They’ll also research the insurance markets on your behalf and help you land the right policy, with most affordable costs and claims. And, we don’t only promise. We’ve bridged our clients to hundreds of efficient courier insurance because so that they are covered the right way! Get in touch with us today and we’ll follow-up with the quotes you’d love.

How Does Fleet Insurance Work?

When you are managing multiple vehicles, there is a great chance that you might encounter an accident down the road. Fleet insurance allows you to protect your multiple vehicles under a single policy –an easier way to insuring.

If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, trying to juggle between different insurance policies can be a hassle. Fleet insurance service by Courier Insurance can allow you to register the vehicles in the name of the company, partner, or director of the said company. 

Goods-in-Transit courier insurance.jpg

How Many Vehicles In a Fleet?

The number of vehicles you need to make a fleet varies from company to company. At Courier Insurance, you can easily register four or more vehicles under one policy.

Having a fleet insurance company will save you from the headache in the longer run. We work with different service providers so you can have the best service possible.

Customer Reviews

Courier Service provides the best all-round fleet insurance in the UK. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews from our customers.

The overall experience of getting the fleet insurance for my company was extremely hassle-free. Courier Service helped us sort the right fleet insurance policy for our new business. Cannot recommend them enough

Speaking to them was a breath of fresh air. The staff members were accommodating about the insurance quoting. I would recommend them to other clients in the near future

The person on the other end of the line was patient with my enquiry to figure out the best fleet insurance policy within my budget

Benefits of Fleet Insurance


Save money by cutting the administrative costs.


24x7x365 service and follow-up service.


Market competitive rates for quality services.

Save yourself the headache of worrying about separate renewal dates and documentation. Instead, why not spend that time focusing on growing your business?

Benefits of Fleet Insurance

Although it varies from policy to policy, commonly you can protect the following:

Vans or goods vehicle

Goods for delivery

People driving the vehicle

Your fleet vehicles are an essential part of your business. In case of an accident, covering the cost of repairs and goods, if you don't have insurance, can prove costly for your business. To keep your courier business protected, sign up for fleet insurance offered by Courier Insurance.

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