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What is Courier Breakdown? All About Courier Breakdown Cover

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Courier self-employment can be satisfying and rewarding if you like being on the roadside. But what if, by some chance, it breaks down in the middle of the road? How does it feel to be stranded on the road with your courier vehicle going mad in the traffic? Don’t worry. There’s a type of insurance that covers you – actually rescues courier drivers while they venture on the roads every day to serve the courier service industry. It’s called a courier breakdown cover and is one of the most favourite insurance covers for courier drivers in the UK.

What is a Courier Breakdown Cover?

Whenever there is a roadside emergency, the personnel pre-networked with your courier breakdown cover broker help the courier driver. It is an on-demand service that doesn’t leave a driver helpless on the road if the courier vehicle breaks down. Breakdown cover in the event of a breakdown provides full nationwide recovery of you and your vehicle and will recovery you either to a local garage or back home, it will also provide assistance at your home address and at the roadside if that’s required.

Why should a courier driver obtain a courier breakdown cover?

Let’s think about it first! What happens if the courier breaks down?

· The drivers get late in delivering the couriers – and in some cases, no deliveries can be made at all. This can be thought of as a loss of opportunity for your courier business. It may leave a never-ending ‘negative’ impression on your service. If your business model or company has an online rating and reviews option, you may have to face the consequences.

· A courier driver can miss all of his schedules – delivering, reporting, and other office work lags. Your boss might get angry - just in case.

· You may have to pay high fees for recovering the your vehicle.

And so, its recommended you obtain a courier breakdown policy from their favourite broker so that you are never left alone – with your vehicle. Not only does it save you from all the stress and hassle on the road, but you and your car get roadside assistance – in a form that’s mentioned in your policy.

A Word on Courier Breakdown Cover

Courier breakdown cover is a policy that provides cover for the breakdown of a vehicle whilst on the move. Holding a breakdown policy means, you have on-demand support available should you want to get back on the road or take it to a garage without any unexpected fee.

Breakdown cover policy ensures that you get cover for simple roadside repairs and assistance. You do not have to pay any extra annual or monthly fee besides your fixed-rate if your vehicle needs towing to a garage.

Providers also offer other features in courier breakdown insurance like Road Side assistance, assistance at your home address and recovery either to a local garage or back to base.

Whenever there is a roadside emergency, the network of courier breakdown cover assists the courier driver. This on-demand service does not leave a driver helpless in case of a courier vehicle breakdown. Breakdown cover provides full nationwide recovery support either to a local garage or back to business premises. It provides assistance to any pinpointed location where the vehicle has broken down and assists a driver at the roadside.

Why Choose Breakdown Cover for Drivers?

Let us take a scenario in consideration during which a courier vehicle has broken down. What will happen then?

The driver will make late deliveries and in some cases, no deliveries will happen at all. This can be a significant blow to your courier business, where you might lose a considerable client base just because of a simple breakdown. This whole scenario will leave a negative impression on your clients and make you look unprofessional. If your business has an online rating system, chances are, you will receive negative reviews from customers. In addition, the driver will miss the schedules, deliveries, and reporting that will put added pressure on you.

This whole situation remains preventable if you consider courier breakdown cover as an assistance option. You can obtain the policy from trusted services like Courier Insurance to assist you in case of a roadside breakdown. The policy will support you in such a situation, so you are never alone with your vehicle. It will not only save the driver from hassle but also provide roadside assistance, as mentioned in the policy.

The help and support that the cover the policy offers are more than enough reason to consider it for drivers.

Benefits of Investing in Courier Breakdown Cover

· Courier breakdown policy is very affordable and provides extra peace of mind

· No additional costs incurred for you to be recovered back home

· Puncture cover is included if you don’t have a serviceable spare wheel

· Cover can be provided for single or multiple vehicles

· Assistance at your home of your vehicle won’t start

· No excess to pay should you need to claim, and you can claim up to 6 times a year

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